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Ultra Luxury Villa in Antalya

Price: 350 USD
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Key Features

Villa Rental with Pool at the best prices

Our luxury villa is in a decent location and is very suitable for a quiet and peaceful holiday. Our villa has been specially designed. You can enjoy a quality holiday with minimalist lines. There are brand markets around where you can shop. Here you can meet all your home needs. It is 5 minutes away from the center. The distance to the sea is 15 minutes by walking. Our flat is in 3+1 location. It can comfortably accommodate 6 people and 7 people.

To enjoy a quiet holiday with its magnificent pool, you can live by lying on your sun lounger.

Electricity usage belongs to the customer. Kw hour is 3 TL. A ton of water is 4 TL. is

A one-time fee of 700 TL is charged for cleaning.

2000 TL is taken as a deposit, and the deposit is returned if there is no damage to the house. Our company provides high quality ‘Daily Villa Rental’ Service. All of our apartments are delivered clean.

The distance to the Land of Legends Theme Park is 5 minutes by minibus. It is the most decent pool rental villa in Kadriye Belek District. Are you ready to tan with the hot sun of the Mediterranean while sipping your cold drink by the pool during the day?

Book Early Don’t Postpone Your Vacation

So make a reservation now and choose to rest your soul for the weekend. A weekend break that takes the tiredness of the whole week will be waiting for you. Do not miss the pleasure of barbecue by the pool in our 3+1 Villa. With your family, you can prepare a table for yourself that will make 5-star hotels jealous.

When these two words come together, you only have to make a reservation. Now, it will be sufficient to inform us of your arrival dates on our whatsapp line. You can be sure that we will give you the best service for you to spend your holiday with quality

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  • Status: Daily Rental Villa
  • Property Type: Villa
  • Address: Antalya / Belek / Kadriye Mahallesi
  • Number of Rooms: 4+1
  • Number of Bathrooms: 3
  • Floor Space: 120 m²
  • Floor Location: 1
  • Number of Floors: 3
  • Air Conditioning: air conditioning
  • Real Estate Advisor: Savaş Hasırcı


  • 1. Price List: 1 May - 30 May 300 $
  • 2. Price List: 1 June - 30 June 350 $
  • 3. Price List: 1 July - 30 July 350 $
  • 4. Price List: 1 August - 30 August 350 $
  • 5. Price List: 1 September - 30 September 350 $

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Lux with Pool and Jacuzzi Villa
Daily Rental Villa
300 USD

Lux with Pool and Jacuzzi

Antalya / Belek

Room: 4+1 Bath: 2 Sq Ft: 200 m²

Cem Bulduk

4 June 2022

Fethiye Çalış Luxury Villa Villa
Daily Rental Villa
350 USD

Fethiye Çalış Luxury Villa

Antalya / Çalış Plajı

Room: 3+1 Bath: 1 Sq Ft: 150 m²

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4 June 2022

Belek Villa with Pool Villa
Daily Rental Villa
350 USD

Belek Villa with Pool

Antalya / Belek

Room: 4+1 Bath: 1 Sq Ft: 200 m²

Cem Bulduk

4 June 2022