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Rafting in Antalya Köprülü Canyon

Admin 31 May 2022

We serve our customers who want to join the Köprülü Canyon Rafting Program and swim in the cold river waters.

We invite you to fun and adventure while you spend your holiday in our Pool Villas in Antalya Belek. While you are on your holiday in Belek, we offer different activities to our valued customers. If you wish, we can take you from your villa to the Köprülü Canyon Rafting course with our private transfer vehicles.

On this track, you will have the opportunity to do rafting by swimming in cool waters throughout the day. If you wish, you can take a nap under the sound of the waterfall by having your meal in the shade of the trees during lunch break. If you want to do this adventurous and adrenaline-filled program, we are ready to give you this service.

Rafting Program

Our customers, who are taken from the transfer at around 10:50, gather at the Köprülü Canyon end point.

Here, after informing our customers about the canyon, the information that should or should not be done is conveyed to you. Here, rafting equipment is distributed to our customers and the clothes to be worn are checked and taken to the rafting starting area.

At the beginning of the 14 km long rafting track, the seating arrangement of the customers is provided with specially produced boats. Along the course, customers stop at various points along the river. Swimming and jumping from trees to the river, zipline rest breaks are given. At around 3:00 in the afternoon, the track ends and the wet clothes are changed from this adventure and sit at the lunch table. After the meal, if you wish, you can rest in the shade of plane trees and take a short nap.

Bolasan Village of Köprü Creek

The Köprülü Canyon in Antalya takes its name from the Roman Period buildings built on the Köprüçay River and from the Oluk Bridge, as it is today.

The split valley formed between Bolasan Village and Beşkonaklar by Köprü Stream, which constitutes the main water resource value of the national park, is 14 km. It is one of the longest canyons in Turkey with its length and wall height exceeding 100 m.

It is one of the most important nature protection areas in the world and in our country with its endemic species, landscape values, rare geomorphological structure, water resources and cultural values, as well as its geographical structure including Mediterranean Forests and high Alpine eco-systems.

Although red pine and maquis areas are common in the national park, 400 hectares of pure Mediterranean series forest is a unique botanical feature. Famous for its trout, Köprüçay is also the most popular rafting area of ​​our country. There are ruins of Ancient Selge city in the upper part of the national park.

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